Terms and Conditions

By joining us as our business partner, you may enjoy high return from our commission system without any risk. You will be given a unique affiliate URL, as long as you introduce members to the company , you can get a return of our net profit .
You may work with the established team to create a win-win future:

  1. We offer top products : sports , live casino , video games and other game types .
  2. Our marketing strategy to ensure that a large number of clients and high returns.
  3. You could share the profit up to 50%.
  4. High-quality software provided to give you a good overview on members WIN/LOSE.
Actual Profit Amount of the Month Actual Valid Members of the Month Actual Commssions of the Month
MYR 1-50000 5 and above 5%
MYR 50001-500000 15 and above 10%
MYR 500001-800000 30 and above 20%
MYR 800001-1000000 50 and above 25%
MYR 1000000 and above 100 and above 30%

The above data are players monthly net losses referred by you as well as the commission given to you (your commission based on the net loss of players). Settlement Date: Settlement in the last day of each month, Commission will be given out the 2nd month on 2nd to 5th of the settlement month.


  1. For example, The commission rate is 5%, your total members deposits is: MYR100X75% = MYR75 x5% = MYR3.75 will become your commission.
  2. When a monthly minimum of five active members (Active members need to deposit at least MYR100 deposit within one month), you will start to get a commission, increase membership and registered net amount lost members will make you get more return.
  3. We will always monitor business partner performance and actively letting business partner know the rate of commission each month
  4. Negative earnings will be brought into the next month.
  5. Promotions and marketing expenses will be deducted from business partner following month's commission, These costs include:
    • A) Transfer fee: Includes all agents Member of deposits and withdrawals cost.
    • B) Promotion expenses: Any expenses to support or assist the agent with the promotion or marketing purposes.
    • C) Bonus Rebate: give the agent a cash bonus or discount membership. The final interpretation of the home My99bet all.
  6. My99bet will have the final decision of all commission given.

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